How it Started

Glacier Sales Inc. was established by Mr. Frank Bacon in 1964, during the very early days of the processed frozen potato industry. A veteran of the food service trade, Mr. Bacon jumped at the opportunity to join the rapidly growing frozen potato business, and formed a strategic alliance with Pronto Pacific Foods, a processor in Moses Lake, Washington. Through tireless labor and the help of a small staff, Mr. Bacon grew the business rapidly, developing brands and new products for Glacier along the way.


Help was needed to manage the growth of the company, so in 1974 Mr. Bacon hired Mr. Emmett Byrnes to administer the continuing expansion in the business. Mr. Byrnes was a veteran in the frozen potato industry, with experience in sales and production management, and quickly became Mr. Bacon’s managing partner in the endeavor. Together, Mr. Bacon and Mr. Byrnes developed brands, relationships and marketing programs with key suppliers and customers throughout the U.S. and abroad, and established an enormously successful foundation for the next wave of Glacier Sales’ ownership, which commenced in the early 1980’s.


The new ownership, headed by Frank Bacon’s son Bruce, set about the task of establishing market share with Glacier’s established brands, which by now included Potato King™, Potato Prince™, Glacier Gold™, Quincy Gold™, and Wonder Fry™. With the wonderful asset of nearly 400 customers, Glacier Sales was able not only to raise awareness of its brands and ensure their highest quality, but to also branch out into complimentary new products, such as frozen fruit, vegetables and appetizers.

Where we are now

Today,  Glacier continues on a path of manageable growth, adding new value in the area of logistics, transport, and funding. Glacier’s mission is to be totally customer directed, with an emphasis on flexibility and responsiveness. And it still relies upon its original founders, Frank and Emmett, for counsel and direction.